एशियन  युनिपेभर्स

Asian Uni Pavers combine the advantages an interlocking design that gives a strong foundation, with the aesthetics of simple and easy to eye style. With these pavers, your spaces will become beautiful as well as rugged.



लोड कारक

कहाँ प्रयोग गर्ने :

  • Parking Areas
  • Driveways
  • Rural and Community Roads
  • Housing Colonies
  • Large Scale Industrial Areas
  • Heavy Traffic Load Bearing Areas


(Length x Height x Breath)
Bricks/m2 Bricks/ft2 Compressive
Strength (N/mm2)

विशेष सुविधाहरू

  • - Manufactured in 100% Automated Plant with technology from Germany
  • - Cured in heat and humidity controlled curing chamber
  • Dust and slush free, aesthetically pleasant surrounding
  • Excellent skid resistance


  • Quick and easy, year round installation
  • Simple and reusable
  • Cost-effective, less time-consuming